Taking Care of Submersible Pumps in Harsh Conditions

While it may be daunting, pumping in harsh conditions does not have to damage your equipment. By utilizing different types of industrial pumps made specifically for various harsh conditions, the work can be completed more easily.

Now is the time to say goodbye to your worries about pumping in harsh conditions. There are now pumps designed specifically for these situations. In this article from Egger, which offers UK pumps, we’ll tell you how these pumps can withstand tough conditions and what you can do to keep them in good shape.

Solid Slurries

Even though slurries are not all solid, there can be instances where they mostly consist of solids. Most pumps work best with more liquid, so high-solid slurries can end up damaging the pump. However, it is more beneficial to have a pump that handles mostly solid matter

Water or liquid pumps require an aftercare process of treating and filtering the liquid before recycling or safe disposal. When pumping mostly solid, however, this process is eliminated entirely making it much easier.

If you’re concerned about your pump being damaged, ensure that you select a peristaltic pump- they are created to withstand high-solid conditions.

Suction Performance

Although it may be worrisome to try and continue pumping if the lift is too high, technology has developed enough that there are now pumps existing which have good suction even at higher-than-usual heights.

The peristaltic pump is an excellent choice for these types of situations. Even though it may lose some suction power when raised higher, it can still manage. While you may be concerned that it’s running drier than normal, the peristaltic pump can handle this just fine.

Pump Skid

Pumps are constantly exposed to the elements and wear down over time. Without proper maintenance, they will break down much faster.

A pump skid is a better option to protect your equipment, as it acts as a shield for the pump. This way, you can use your pump without worrying about any extra damage due to harsh conditions.

Making Your Pumps Last

Aside from placing your pump on a skid, you must also store it in the right environment. Make sure that the area around your pump is clean and free of corrosive materials. When the pump is not in use, try to clean it regularly and follow up with maintenance checks.


Although pumps may appear high-maintenance, with the proper care they can last a long time. All you need to do is ensure that you are upkeep pump maintenance. This way, you won’t have to fret about having to constantly replace your pump.