Things To Know About the Vehicle Shipment to Florida 


Florida is one of the many states in the US that has never failed to attract millions of tourists and migrators from around the globe every year. Hundreds of families prefer relocating to this place because of its natural beauty and also the career development options that the cities of this state have to offer. 

While planning the relocation, one should understand the best way of getting their vehicles to Florida as well. It is when Ship A Car, Inc. is the best choice. This vehicle shipping company is located in many states in the US and they can be your helping hand for successfully shipping your car from one location to another. Visit their website to understand how they work. 

Relocation to Florida 

Florida has many highly urbanized places in it, and this factor makes it easier for the car shipping services to deliver the merchandise successfully to their destinations. 

  • Jacksonville is one of the most preferred cities in Florida for relocation. 
  • Florida takes pride in having the 9 most visited and also most preferred cities for relocation and they are Tampa, Orlando, Sarasota, Jacksonville, Miami, Fort Myers, Port St. Lucie, Melbourne, and Lakeland. 
  • People, who prefer staying very close to the best golf courses in the world to enjoy their free time game prefer staying in Augustine, as it is home to multiple golf courses in Florida. 
  • Greater Miami in Florida has two national parks in it. It takes pride in being the only place in Florida with more than 1 national park in it. 

Vehicle Shipment to Florida 


Vehicle shipment to Florida is done via many routes. They are listed below. 

  • Between Miami to Orlando, it takes more than 3 days for the shipment of the vehicle. 
  • From Oregon to Miami, the estimated time duration is around 10 days. 
  • From Jacksonville to Miami, the time duration is till 4 days. 
  • From Nevada to Jacksonville, it is about 9 days. 
  • From Nashville to Jacksonville, it is 4 days max. 
  • From Florida to Phoenix, it takes around 8 days. 
  • From Miami to Atlanta, it is more than 4 days. 
  • From Massachusetts to Florida, the time duration for the vehicle shipment is around 6 days. 

These are the rough estimates of the time duration that may be required for the delivery of the vehicles to any place in Florida. However, the time duration may change based on the car shipment service and their working principle, the current climatic conditions, the demand of the customers, and also on the type of transportation that the vehicle owners choose. 

The popular car shipping locations in Florida are, 

  • Orlando 
  • Miami 
  • Hialeah 
  • Fort Lauderdale 
  • Tampa 
  • Jacksonville 
  • Port Saint Lucie 
  • Saint Petersburg 
  • Tallahassee

You can choose the door-to-door, port-to-port, or even terminal-to-terminal shipment of your vehicle based on your location and the distance between any of these above-mentioned shipping locations to your current address. The car shipping companies will analyze your location and also your requirement of the delivery of your vehicle and will then decide what option works the best for you. 

Contacting the experts working for any of the car shipping companies will clear all your doubts and queries.