Buy Free BBQ Accessories with Masterbuilt Gravity Series at BBQs 2u

BBQs 2u is known for selling great barbecue brands like Kamado Joe, Napoleon, and Masterbuilt. Before launching any new product or accessory they are known to test it first. Masterbuilt is a renowned US brand, but before selling it in the UK market BBQS 2u tried it to see if it is compatible with the UK climate. This is the level of passion and dedication that the company shows.

They are always updated with the latest accessories, merchandise, and tools launched by the affiliated brands. For example, BBQs 2u was the first to bring the Big Joe Table into the market. Even the Kamado JoeTisserie – Rotisserie, which enables cooking anything, is introduced by BBQs 2u. This grilling tool for Big Joe costs £319.00, and for Classic it costs £279.00.

BBQ rotisseries from Kamado Joe are excellent. Rotisseries are ideal for cooking whole chickens, large lamb, ham, or beef joints. JoeTisserie ensures that the meat is consistently brown and crisp throughout the cooking process.

The Kamado Joe’s iconic high-fire ceramic body is transformed into a new reasonably spit by the sturdy solid aluminium JoeTisserie. It harnesses the self-basting motion of a rotisserie within the Kamado Joe’s patent high-fire ceramic model for juicy, smoky, and tender meats. With a quiet-but-powerful motor capable of spinning up to 50 pounds of chicken, Boston butt, or prime rib, the JoeTisserie features a unique wedge that allows cooks to close off the Kamado dome for maximum heat retention. The sturdy spit rod comes with quick-adjust forks for precise balance, and the continuous, steady rotation keeps the meat’s natural juices for a delectable cook.

When launching the latest innovations from brands BBQs 2u ensures that they are liked by the UK customers. It took them a lot of effort to introduce the digitalized Masterbuilt Gravity series among customers who still believe in traditional cooking. The Masterbuilt Gravity 560 series, model is available online at BBQs 2u along with Free BBQ essentials.

The MasterBuilt 560 BBQ (Digital Charcoal Smoker + Grill) is used to smoke, grill, roast, sear, bake and do a lot more. The Digital Fan maintains the proper cooking temperature by setting it on the digitized control board or smart device. The Gravity Fed digital hopper contains enough charcoal for nearly 12 hours, and gravity keeps the fuel flowing to the fireplace. The reversible, sturdy iron grates are great for smoking or searing, and this grill reaches 700°F in exactly 30 minutes.

Masterbuilt is one of America’s most well-known BBQ brands, having been founded in 1973 and being known globally for its inventive, adaptable, and cost-effective product line. In 2020, they introduced the world’s original Masterbuilt ‘Gravity Series’ controlled digitally charcoal BBQ and smoker. This was true innovation at its finest. This year’s expectations are likely to be even higher, as Masterbuilt adds two more interesting models to the ‘Gravity Series’ family – the 800 and 1050 series.

Check the latest updates and new tools and accessories available online at BBQs 2u on their Twitter account. They always stay connected with their customers and launch contests to keep them involved.